Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive my broadband services?
Once your order is submitted and your information has been confirmed, your DSL service will be connected within five business days. Dry loop services connected over inactive phone lines can sometimes cause delays.

When can I expect modem delivery to occur?
Modems will be shipped immediately via Canada Post and can be picked up at your local Post Office within three to five days. The modem will be programmed with a username and password for ease of setup. Do NOT reset the modem to factory defaults, your username and password will have to be reset.
Your modem will be shipped with an ethernet cable, a phone cord and four inline noise filters to install on your individual phone lines. Do NOT install a filter on the phone line that is connected to your modem. The modem will not work with a filter added to the line, that it is connected to.
Our Comtrend modems have a 90 days warranty against manufacturers defects. We do not replace modems that have been physically damaged, or that have been subjected to water damage/spills or power surges etc. Always protect your computer equipment with an appropriate surge protector.

Can I terminate services at anytime?
You can terminate your services at any time if you supply your own modem.  You can also take our service with you when you move.

When should I cancel services with my current provider?
Customers who want to transition directly from the phone company will automatically be switched to us and your previous DSL account with the phone company will be canceled. If you are with a wholesaler or reseller of the phone company, the order will also switch to us. You will however, you will still need to call and cancel your old service after the switch has taken place to ensure that billing by the phone company, or other provider, is terminated

Are there any activation fees?

Are there 'Dry Loop' setup fees?

Yes. There is a setup fee for Residential and Business Dry Loop. This one time fee shows up when you check for packages. The fee pays for technician's visit to the site for Dry Loop activations

How am I billed?

DSL charges are pro-rated based on the calendar date of sign up to the 1st of the next calendar month. The monthly recurring charges will start again on the 1st of the month. Customers who have activation scheduled after the 15th of the month will be billed for an additional month on top of the pro-rated amount. For instance, if your activation falls on the 21st of the month you will be billed for approximately 5 weeks of service, depending upon the number of days in the month. If your activation begins on the 7th you will be billed at sign up for approximately 3 weeks of service.

Will a technician visit?
No. If you have an active telephone account with the 'telephone company' it is a simple matter of plugging in your modem when your service has been activated and going online. Dry Loop activations do require a technician to attend. The cost for the visit however, is included in the Dry Loop setup fee.

If there turns out to be a problem inside the premises (perhaps wiring/jacks having been removed, altered etc) that do require a phone company technician to make an additional visit, charges for the second visit are the responsibility of the homeowner or tenant. We will ask you to authorize the visit beforehand.