AltE is the only PC component that provides Suppliers and Retailers with residual income.


The AltErnative to today's PC solutions is an advanced methodology where PC suppliers/assemblers, PC retailers and PC end users will all benefit from the advanced technology of the AltE component.

With the AltE component: PC users will experience no downtime, no data loss and no PC repair technicians accessing their personal data.

PC retailers will be able to provide PC users with repair services by issuing repair codes and making profits in the process. PC suppliers/assemblers will be able to make residual income for the life of the PC.


The AltErnative method works as follows:

- Selected PC suppliers/assemblers will benefit by being the sole distributor in their area for the AltE component. The ONLY PC component that provides suppliers/assemblers with a residual income for the life of the PC.

- PC retailers will be able to provide their customers with PCs that are self repairing in the comfort of customer's home or office. PC retailers will generate income each time their customers use AltE to repair, restore or customize their PC.

- PC end users will be able to repair their PC in the comfort of their home or office. If client's PC gets hit by a virus or if the system crashes then the fully automated AltE will repair the PC by pressing the Alt and E keys at startup. A five year old can safely use AltE to fix a PC without any loss of data or saved folders.