An After-Sales Service solution for the PC industry

Advanced Methodology
The AltErnative to today's PC solutions is an advanced methodology where PC suppliers/assemblers, PC retailers and PC end users will all benefit
The AltErnative method works as follows:
With the AltE component: PC users will experience no downtime, no data loss and no PC repair technicians accessing their personal data.
Generate Income
PC retailers will be able to provide their customers with PC's that are self repairing in the comfort of customer's home or office.
Repair the PC
If client's PC gets hit by a virus or if the system crashes then the fully automated AltE will repair the PC by pressing the Alt and E keys at startup.
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AltE CODE server and utility download
AltE is a Soft Robotic Component that is applied on PC hard drive during assembly.
AltE is not a Windows program and does not install into Windows.
AltE does not require a CD/DVD or USB in order to run.

If a PC crashes then pressing Alt + E keys at startup will repair the pc within minutes. This will reduce the expense of after sales service, keeps the client happy with a no-downtime PC and no data loss.

The major problem facing PC retail is after-sales service:
Manufacturer's warranty is meant for hardware components, but the end user does not know how to differentiate between hardware problems and software problems. Therefore the warranty becomes open ended and, in terms of customer satisfaction, covers the hardware, software and whatever problems the end user is having.

If there is no PC sound then the end user assumes that there is a hardware problem and calls the retailer for help. The retailer understands that it is a software problem but the end user does not have the technical know how to comprehend what the retailer is talking about, and wrongly assumes that the retailer is not honoring the hardware warranty.

The end user either insists on the retailer to fix the problem under warranty, or takes the PC somewhere else to be fixed.
This is where the end user will often wrongly be told that it is a hardware problem and the hardware should be replaced.

The solution:
If the PC is equipped with AltE then the end user will not call the PC retail store complaining about PC problems, instead the end user will press Alt + E keys at startup and the PC will be repaired within minutes.
Audiovisual presentation
AltE is an affordable solution that will keep the customer happy and save the retailer time and money in customer service.
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