During our launching of OnlineWaitress we found out that the majority of small businesses do not offer online shopping due to their lack of knowledge about Hosting, Maintenance, Servers and Domain Names, which is confusing for those who are not familiar with eCommerce.
The solution: Instead of eCommerce we have developed ePOS, everywhere Point Of Sale, to serve as a POS tool at business location and everywhere as a POS shopping tool.
ePOS allows small businesses to offer their customers a comprehensive shopping/ordering tool without a domain name (URL) or hosting services.
You can email ePOS to your customers, allowing them to browse your products/ services, select the items they would like to purchase and then make their order. Once an order is made, you will receive an email with purchase details and, if you have a POS system, the order will be integrated to your existing database.
With ePOS you do not need Hosting, Maintenance, Servers or a Domain Name. All the "eCommerce" is in ePOS.

Click HERE for ePOS sample